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2015 was the year I peeped out of the cage I’d created around my heart.  It was a calling I’d heard within me, to live my purpose so I could serve others in living theirs.
…and it was all so sweet. I’d met you, and many others moving towards listening to their inner friend.
2016 I gave birth to my second creation. Sweet Seren Skye. I became a mother. And in my calling to provide for her she guided me back to myself.
Two years later. I’m here. Softer, kinder, gentler. Loving, all of me, immensely entirely, and I now have opened the doors to my caged heart. She’s free.
Her expression is vulnerable, humble and most importantly all of me.
This journey continues.
You living a life of purpose. You loving yourself entirely, fully. Holding harmonious relationships, guided through your own clarity–You placing yourself compassionately, first.
Because you’re not living if you don’t.
And, it’s my calling to see you live loving all of you.
Thank you for joining me. Here we will build our friendships in the form of storytelling that uplifts and focuses on what’s true. And a daily message of love, trust in Self, and in Life.


You matter. – love, Didi