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Didi is the creator of The Divine Friend Sisterhood Community, the Moon Cycle Journaling Course, and the online New moon Intention Sisterhood Circle. She is also the author of children’s book Good Morning Love and the designer, maker and heart behind her popular A Mother’s Wish and New Moon Intention Bracelets.

Through her work, Didi helps women and mothers understand the connection between their cycles, and the phases and changes of the moon and seasons. By educating women on their “womb knowledge” Didi helps to support them in navigating their purpose, improving their communication, and enhancing their relationships.

In her past life, Didi was a Registered Nurse and yoga teacher. On becoming a mother, Didi courageously retired from nursing to follow her passion for empowering women through self-healing, storytelling and purposeful living. Today, she lives with her daughter and husband in Florida where her creative work infused with love and life lessons, continues to serve as an anchor for women navigating purpose, self-healing and empowered sisterhood.