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Creating Space

All my life I’ve been looking for ways to out stretch out of the cage I’d learnt to build around myself.
Whether it was that I was female, a woman, a woman of color, married or now a mother, I’d created new bars that provided me with a false sense of safety and security. Even within the cage, I’d compartmentalize space and any one that I allowed access into the cage at times, those that held a deep love in my heart, I diminished myself or possibly even over shared.

Self healing has opened me, and recently these months have me removing the bars that encaged me.

Like a fresh crab growing into a new shell, I’m soft and vulnerable. I’m weary at times about the types of connections I’ll be able to create with the earth and with the energies that come to greet me.

I’m reminding myself, There comes a time when you just have to know, you are enough. And in this enough-ness you can reach and stretch and expand. It’s life’s wish even for you to create space for yourself, enough so that you don’t need to en-cage or trap your beauty. You are meant to share, create, and this expansion feeds life and ultimately feeds you.

Here I am. Creating space for my words, the melody, the inspiration and the community I’ve longed for all my life.

All my life I was looking outward for where I belonged.

Today, turning inward, I see I needed to create the space where I could belong and so here it is.


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