to be fearless…simply float forward

to be fearless…simply float forward

You know when you meet someone and you see yourself in a few years immediately after getting to know them.  That’s how I felt when I met Bonnie.  I saw her feed on IG and instantly wanted to connect.  Her fun fitness inspired approach to life as a mom charged me.  We got to know each other after a few months from me hosting my first yoga challenge being pregnant (you can check it out at #buildyouupyoga challenge).  Bonnie’s strength is super.  If you’ve been itching to try a simple arm balancing pose that can help you face and release your fears of ever falling forward in life.  

Crow Pose Instruction - Bonnie @ Carrot Bowl -

Hi, I’m Bonnie.

I am a mother, fitness lover, yogi, and blogger at Carrot Bowl. I really enjoy watching other’s succeed and find the power that I know they have! I am honored to be a guest on Deanne’s blog today. She is a power-house. She shares a vision and light with others that you can feel. She’s real and honest and I’m grateful for her support and love. We met through instagram and I’m forever blessed because of it. (you can find me there as @carrot_bowl_bonnie)

As she enjoys having a sweet baby, I get to share some easy tips and tricks to get you flying in crow pose (known as bakasana in Sanksrit). This is the gateway arm balance pose.

Keep in mind that I could not do this as I began my yoga journey. The balance was hard. My arms hurt. The strength wasn’t there. Really, the belief that I could do it wasn’t there. Watch this instruction video and hopefully you’ll come away thinking “I can do this.” That’s where it starts. That’s when you’ve actually started practicing yoga. Just keeping forward.

You can watch the video here.

Just to recap, here’s some reminders for you:

Crow Pose Instruction - Bonnie @ Carrot Bowl -

1 – LEAN – Your face should be looking right down at the floor. Find a spot to focus on. Your shoulders should be going forward. Place a pillow or towel under your face if you’re worried about face-planting.

Hang out here. This is already a lot and the perfect place to start building a foundation.

Crow Pose Instruction - Bonnie @ Carrot Bowl -

2 – HUGGING YOUR ARMS – Rather than setting you knees on top of your arms, have them hug the outside of your arms the whole time. This tightens everything to the mid-line of your body and gives you more lift and ease in the pose.

Crow Pose Instruction - Bonnie @ Carrot Bowl -

3 – POSITION TO HUG – Bring your arms down and as you slide them up, knees as high into the armpits as you can, squeeze your knees together. If your flexibility doesn’t reach your knees into your armpits, that’s okay. Anywhere on your arms that you can squeeze with your legs is a perfect place to start.

Crow Pose Instruction - Bonnie @ Carrot Bowl -

4 – BEGIN TO LIFT – Lean forward, hug the arms with your knees, and maybe start to lift one foot. Set it down and lift the other foot. Remember to squeeze, to hug the arms at all times. It takes some concentration to do all this together, but it’s going to make you more able to get the lift you want. When you are ready, lift both legs off the ground. Hug and remember to breathe.

Crow Pose Instruction - Bonnie @ Carrot Bowl -

5 – FLOPPY FISH FEET – Rather than having you feet be dead weight dragging you back to the ground, point through your toes as you lift up. This power through your legs and out your toes connects with your legs hugging and your core lifting. It all makes you balance stronger and longer. Don’t let your feet be floppy fish, let them energize your pose.

You got this! You are stronger than you think you are! Thank you for practicing with me.

If you want to see more of me, you can visit my blog Carrot Bowl and find me on Instagram @carrot_bowl_bonnie.


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