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I started intention setting in 2015.  Sitting around the new moon, gathered with like sisters, all wishing on stars.  It was in June 2017, a major shift occurred.  Maybe it was that I was so lonely, and I had hit the big, Post Partum depression thing or that isolation had taken me to questioning my…


I forgive myself. I trust life.  I dance, sing, in ecstasy with my pain, as it moves through me, each moment, each minute, each second.  I watch the past dissolve each time I create and stand in the courage of my dreams.  The elements of nature supports me.  I welcome each creation as a new…


We chose each other my voice and I.  Together we would rise, together we would fall. One day, I closed the doors to my voice’s expression.  I begged, “Please, stay there, where you will be protected from judgement.  I promise you, one day when I’m strong, I will release you.  I promise you, together we…