Live a life of ease, joy, knowing & ultimate liberation.


Are you a mission driven creative entrepreneur in a state of dysregulation, stress, fear, anxiety, depression, burn out on the verge of dis-ease? 

Do you believe that to be successful is to achieve more? 

Do you find yourself in a constant state of doing, never really taking the time necessary to regulate, and uncover the parts of yourself that wish to be revealed? 

 Do you numb or push down  your emotions due to the fear of reliving past traumas that you are aware are holding you back from fully experiencing a joyful life where you can show up fully present for your children and partners actually relishing in moments of deep connection and intimacy? 

Are you constantly racing, busy, running after the next brilliant thing, unaware of your accomplishments or dismissing celebrating your life by nourishing your body and energy system? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’m here to tell you that, you are far from alone.  Many good willed creative entrepreneurs who have families, have been exactly where you are, including myself and have made the choice to shift their lives for the better.

You see, what happens when you live a life holding the belief that by working hard, numbing emotions, pushing through, and sacrificing time for money, you may achieve a level of success, or wealth, but you may have a hard time experiencing true happiness, success and fulfillment in your life, relationships and business.

This way of living is often based in unconscious behavior patterning often passed on by societies programing, which as succeeded in keeping humans dysregulated and disconnected from their body.  This disconnection eventually gives rise to emotional insecurities related to safety and security, feelings of loss, self doubt, fear, and stress, perpetuating disease.

But there is an answer to meeting your greatest achievement yet.  And having found the answer, I want to remind you that all you need is to know is how to properly utilize the power of your breath and body energetics daily so that you can recalibrate your nervous system in a trauma informed way and connected to your deepest emotions from a state of safety. 

From this place, you’d become the master of your life, receive the power of self transformation, experience ultimate joy, wellbeing, health, and wealth in all areas of your life. 

And this, is where you’d begin to live your life, showering a ripple effect that will leave the most profound legacy of healing for your family, children, and uplift the state of consciousness for the future of humanity and the world.

The question is, how courageous are you?

Your breath is the answer and I'm here to guide you to your ease, joy, knowing and ultimate liberation.

Breathwork & Nervous System Regulation 

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Hi, I’m Deanne, creator of this space. As a voice for emotional freedom, personal power, and self transformation, I help parents who are mission driven creative entrepreneurs who are living in a state of dysregulation stress, fear, anxiety, depression, and burn out on the verge of dis-ease to a state of calm, regulation, ease, and elevated self-awareness so they become masters of their own well-being ultimate potential and meet their growth edges in business and in life with a level of unbreakable certainty, clarity, and confidence.

As a creator myself, I’ve learned over 20 years what it feels like to live on autopilot. This way of functioning solely from the level of survival, deteriorated my health, self worth and contributed to living fully mis-aligned. l started and ended successful projects, careers, partnerships simply from feeling overwhelmed from over-performing. What changed my life was learning the art of living. As a natural caregiver, I began to practice loving boundaries, reconnect to my life force through becoming intimate with my emotions, breath, divine embodiment and channeling my unique energetic soul signature to heal and align my mission to my life's gifts. I have since used the power of alignment to intend a life on my terms, and my voice to manifest my truest most authentic expression.

Together we will explore the depths of who you are on a soul and cellular level and welcome in the deep intimacy of emotional freedom, nervous system regulation through Breathwork and energetics for your ultimate potential so you can transcend limitations and be what you are here to be in this lifetime. 

This space will inspire and uplift, invite release and calm into your every moment, so you can experience a life that is holistically consciously connected. 

My hope for you is to explore your inner allowance, to pause, to breathe deeply, to be fully present with your children and those you love as you create a life legacy of joy, happiness, contribution, playfulness, sensuality and connection, masterfully aligned with your soul's purpose.

Mother, Wife, Writer, Singer, Breathwork and Life and Business Evolution Mentor

Connecting with Deanne is a true gift to the spirit and soul. Her loving presence and unconditional welcoming allowed me to open up my connection with my heart and healing modalities. Her wisdom allows you to open up to your fullest expressions and passions. Thank you Deanne for your acceptance and vision. - Ashlene Elizabeth @heartledprana