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Practice the art of living, self stewardship and divine feminine embodiment. The guidance of this impactful mentorship establishes an intimate personal enveloping into your fullest, enriched and enlightened soul expression.  It takes courage to immerse yourself into meeting your edges, exploring your shadows, discovering your innate gifts, and establishing a lasting bond with your greatest healer, guide, and protector; yourself. In this 1.1 mentorship, Deanne hold’s sacred space and guides as a witness through your personal growth.

Guided core practices will include:

Self guided personalized daily creative alignment movement exercises
Weekly literature assignments, self review and 45 minute call checkin’s
Divine feminine embodiment practicesEnergetic and environmental seasonal rhythm cleanses with direct guidance based on personal needs
Flow psychology adaptation and encompassing wellbeing nourishment consultation
Introduction to body awareness and your breath’s role as your inner guidance
+ free access community offerings for 2 years
+ access to all learning materials for life of the program

Guidance may also include (based on individual progression of core practices):

compassionate communication skill training
heart-led relational and emotional intelligence
personalized recorded meditations with vocal toning and energetic clearing resources

On completion of this full hearted commitment, you will have the self-resourced instruments to access your fully inspired and freely expressed life.  You will also have unlimited access to your universally sourced creative potential.  You will discover your ability for self healing, disarmer disempowered states, claim self reverence, lead a full life of knowing and embodied self worth.  In this mentorship, you will access layers of self-forgiveness, love, kindness, and acceptance, reach daily peace and experience the absoluteness of living joy.  Your commitment to yourself will offer a life of purely speaking your truth while rooted in earths’ truth.

Dedicate and transform, surrender to your being-ness, ripen as a leader in the evolution and solution of our planetary healing and awakened collective consciousness.  Be the steward of your own life.

This container is exclusive to whole-hearted applicants ready to fully commit to the profound life-enhancing 6 month guided program. Opens only twice a year. Limited slots available.

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