Safe Space

Absolve yourself from self-doubt and create clarity of direction in one session.

What you'll get:

  • virtual 45 minute step-by-step guidance discovery call for identifying and setting up a plan of action for what's currently alive for you in your life, relationships and/or business.

  • an introduction to Deanne's methodology of trauma informed coaching and therapeutic space holding and the modalities she uses to support nervous system regulation to aid in empowered decision making that works every time.

Meet Deanne Ziadie RN,BWF,RYT, a voice for emotional freedom, personal power, and self transformation, with over 20 years of experience guiding and leading. I help creators unlock their potential by moving beyond self-doubt so they can align to their expansive conscious reality.


*Payment is final. 

What People Are Saying:

Deanne allowed me to recognize and really see the pain that was still present and deep within me. She took the time, without judgement, to ask very powerful questions that came to her right in that moment. I learned why certain people were called into my life and what I have taken away from my experiences with them. What is it that I am seeing that possibly my heart is calling for. What am I learning from such experiences. It's been weeks and now my personal practices has been working through these daily. You will leave this session feeling calm, welcomed and highly supported. You will dig deeply into areas that are calling for your attention, and Deanne will help you see that.


$119.00 USD